I noticed a change and a feeling of relief quite instantly after the first couple warm ups and sessions I did with Dana. Not only did I feel freedom in my torso and hips, I almost felt like I was maybe a little taller, which might be hard to believe as I’m already 6’7. These controlled breaths and movements were making a big impact on my posture. It has changed the way I prepare each day and each game I play.

Aaron Judge
New York Yankees All-Star Outfielder

I met Dana when I was 18 and fresh into baseball. She was not only extremely smart but also understanding of what I needed. Since then, she has been a constant in my offseason and pregame routines, and I owe her a lot of credit for keeping my muscles loose and limber.

Rowdy Tellez
Milwaukee Brewers 1st Baseman

I had the privilege of getting to work with Dana Santas for the first time during 2019 Spring Training with the Philadelphia Phillies. I will forever appreciate the impact that Dana’s mobility program has had on my baseball career. Not only has it helped me in my athletic performance and overall health, it’s also helped me gain a reputation as a good mover amongst the other teams I have played for. The movement principles I learned from Dana are implemented into my life daily and I look forward to expanding those principles with her Better Baseball Mobility Program!

Rob Brantly
New York Yankees Catcher

When it comes to working with our athletes, there’s no one I trust more than Dana. She works to blend all aspects of mobility, stability and breathing, giving our players the tools they need to be successful. With her deep understanding of baseball athletes, she’s capable of individualizing routines to match their needs, not one size fits all. She’s at the top of her game and a huge member of our performance team!

Furey Leva
Asst. MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Philadelphia Phillies

Dana’s techniques in restoring breathing mechanics and motor behavior enable tactical athletes to address all levels of stress management and movement to enhance operators’ mental and skill-specific training.

Mike Renteria
Director of Human Performance, U.S. Special Operations Command Central

In my experience as a head strength and conditioning coach, it’s obvious when you come across a “difference maker.” I can say without reservation: Dana is difference maker. She has the knowledge, and–just as important–personality to get each individual to a new level. Dana’s grit and energy maximizes her effectiveness and makes working with her a pleasure.

Dave Kennedy
Former NFL Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dana is a phenomenal coach with diverse expertise in all aspects of performance training. Whether identifying individual athlete needs or determining overall essentials based on the demands of the sport, Dana is able to incorporate her drills efficiently and effectively. This is what makes her one of the absolute best!

Sean Hayes
WWE/NXT Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dana has the ability to work with coaches and connect with athletes to create sustainable, self-sufficient programs. Every day, I observe our athletes utilizing her programs in the weight room, because – simply put – her exercises make them move and feel better. We continuously use her moves and cues within our program to Prepare, Work, and Recover.

Scott Weberg
MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Toronto Blue Jays

Dana’s unique evaluation of athletes’ pre-existing and present medical abnormalities /injuries allows her to design and implement her programs in conjunction with our rehabilitation and strengthening program, which therefore provides our hockey players with the best approach to increasing joint mobility and core stability.

Mike Poirier
NHL Asst. Athletic Trainer, Tampa Bay Lightning

Dana is an expert in human movement, specifically the improvement of limitations and dysfunctions revealed through assessment. She also knows how to relate to the players as well as the staff, which makes it a joy to have a close working relationship with her.

Bill Burgos
Head of Strength & Conditioning, Minnesotta Timberwolves

Dana Santas has been an invaluable resource to me on ‘all things mobility.’ As the industry has evolved and the body of knowledge has expanded, she has done an outstanding job of integrating progressive principles with tried-and-true methods of previous eras across a number of disciplines. I enjoy her work and I’m confident you will, too.

Eric Cressey
Director of Player Health and Performance, New York Yankees and President, Cressey Sports Performance

After years of chronic back pain from military service and training, I explored many methods for alleviating my pain. Working with Dana, I not only saw immediate relief, more importantly, she taught me to help myself through movement and breathing optimization. She is a master practitioner with the knowledge to give us longevity at the highest levels of human performance.”

Jeff Nichols
Former Navy Seal, Exercise Physiologist, Owner, Performance First LLC

I love Dana’s approach to yoga in baseball. It’s a great way to build up strength and stamina, flexibility and breathing. The whole thing, it’s a great concept. I’m all for it. It just makes sense.

As quoted on MLB.com.

Joe Maddon
MLB Manager, Los Angeles Angels

Dana is the best when it comes to mobility and movement patterns. She programs mobility work based on the demands of the sport, position, and individual athlete needs. I highly recommend Dana for group or individual work with athletes.

Trung Cao
MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Tampa Bay Rays

I started working with Dana on an ongoing basis back in 2006. Her focus on complementing my training helped me maintain a higher level of functional strength and flexibility throughout my career. She helped me identify weaknesses and get stronger and more mobile to play better and prevent injury.

Tim Thomas
NHL Conn Smythe & Vezina Award-Winning Goaltender

Working with Dana is never just about stretching. She finds the source of my areas of tension and helps restore proper muscle firing and alignment to fix it. I’ve greatly improved my flexibility and I’m more mobile and stable with better body awareness since working with her.

Drew Hutchison
Detroit Tigers Starting Pitcher

Dana is an all-star trainer who teaches, coaches and motivates pro athletes. She’s the absolute best in the game; that’s why she’s a part of our program.

Rick Slate
Veteran MLB Strength Coach & Current NFL Asst. Strength Coach

Dana offers professional sports a unique application of yoga that addresses joint stability and mobility as well as functional flexibility. Her approach is personable and accessible.

John Hastings
Former NFL Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Washington Redskins

Dana’s style of mobility training is not your traditional yoga. She understands what we want our athletes to get out of her sessions and customizes them accordingly. She provides invaluable information and service that has proven very beneficial in helping our athletes.

Jason Meredith
Asst. MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Milwaukee Brewers

The first day I met Dana, I knew there was something special in the way she engaged and carried herself. After speaking with her, hearing her story and picking her brain, I immediately knew we must have her present at the Sorinex Summer Strong Expo. She delivered with flying colors to an extremely diverse audience, so much so, we asked her to present again the next year!

Bert Sorin
President, Sorinex Exercise Equipment

Dana has been an informative and entertaining guest to have make appearances on our TV newscasts over the years. She brings a wealth of knowledge to our viewers and always has an enjoyable interaction with our on-air talent. She can take any topic and make it understandable and actionable for anyone.

Joey West
Segment Producer/Assignment Editor, Bay News 9 Tampa

Dana’s unique approach to restoring mobility is a breath of fresh air and, as a presenter, Dana has an uncanny ability to relate to her audience and deliver her message in terms that all attendees can digest and apply, regardless of their experience and educational background.

Nick Clayton
Personal Training Program Manager, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

I like everything about Dana. I like her personality, I like her story, and I like her commitment to her craft. I enjoy speaking with her, watching her present, and reading what she writes.

Mike Boyle
Legendary Coach, Author & Speaker, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

What I appreciate most about Dana’s guidance is her ability to effectively communicate and demonstrate drills and routines that have immensely aided in my progress as an athlete. Now, at 30 years old, I feel better and more balanced than ever. Being the most feared man in all of sports entertainment isn’t easy, but Dana makes it a little easier.

Lars Sullivan
NXT/WWE Superstar

Dana’s approach to injury prevention and athletic development transcends the standards of the industry through a holistic application of human movement and high performance.

Derek Woodske
Performance Coach and Speaker

I have had the privilege of watching Dana become the top of her field. Her knowledge and approach to improving one’s well being has been astonishing, to say the least. It’s been exciting to not only learn from Dana but to now call her a friend.

Don Saladino
Celebrity Trainer, Owner, Drive 495

Dana understands athletes, sports and more importantly the different demands on athletes in different sports. Dana has worked with our top football and baseball players and her unique ability to evaluate and determine a program protocol for the demands of their individual sport is uncanny.

Yo Murphy
NFL Veteran, Director of Sports Performance ASPI

What separates Dana as an expert in the yoga space is her knowledge of other training and rehabilitation models and ability to integrate her work into comprehensive training programs. She puts together a package that champions familiar concepts for a highly inclusive and effective product.

Dr. Charlie Weingroff
Speaker, Author, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Canadian National Basketball Team

In a market rife with self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ focused on marketing rather than pragmatic advice and results, Dana has separated herself as a values-based and science-driven practitioner focused more on helping clients than she is on her own bottom line. It’s refreshing to see the combination of energy and ethics that she brings to her practice and daily life.

Brett Bartholomew
Strength Coach, Best-Selling Author of Conscious Coaching

Dana is hands down one of the best there is. Her understanding of movement quality and how to optimize movement is apparent the moment she starts coaching. And the way she relates to the athletes and gets them to understand her is outstanding. On top of being a great coach, she’s a rock star of a human being!  I’m thankful she’s able to work with our athletes.

Ian Kadish
Director of Strength & Conditioning Coach, Minnesota Twins

Dana does a great job working with the professional athlete, which is not always easy to do. Her service is a great asset to a well-rounded strength & conditioning program at any level.

Frank Velasquez Jr.
Former MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Pittsburgh Pirates

Dana helps me become one with my body, mind and soul. Working with Dana is not at all like going to a public yoga class. She knows exactly what I need to be better and focuses on my problem areas.

Pierre-Cedric “Nacho” Labrie
NHL/AHL Forward

Rare to find a speaker that can mix great lecture content with practical demonstrations. Dana knocks it out of the park with both, additionally she is a phenomenal person. She has been a staple in our PLAE LABs, and will continue to be. Would highly recommend her as a speaker for any event.

Ron McKeefery
Vice President of Performance & Education, PLAE

I have to say, it wasn’t until Dana’s sessions did I fully understand how beneficial the right approach to yoga can be for athletes. She does an excellent job in designing exercises that targeted common limitations/dysfunctions in baseball players.

Dong Lien
Asst. MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Philadelphia Phillies

Working with Dana in the off season, she takes the time to understand my body and address exactly what I needed to eliminate chronic back pain and make me stronger and more mobile. She also shows me how to integrate specific moves in season to keep me feeling good.

Adam Lind
MLB 1st Base/DH

Dana is on top of her game when it comes to dealing with athlete durability and performance. Based on her understanding of the demands of sport, Dana ensures safety throughout her mobility/stability work. She also gets the nuances of dealing with pro athletes, enabling her to communicate effectively in a group or one-on-one. Dana helps the best of the best reach their potential!

Paul Fournier
Former MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Philadelphia Phillies

Dana has not only made me more mobile but has helped me understand my body functioning so I can move better–more powerfully and accurately–both on and off the field. Overall, I owe her a lot!

Denard Span
MLB Center Fielder