FocusCalm Brain Training

Learn and practice my breathing techniques at home with the ability to see their impact on your brain state in real time.

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Partnering with Harvard-backed FocusCalm, I’m excited to share my science-based breathing protocols, using neurofeedback technology to help you train and improve your ability to optimize your mental state.

FocusCalm is a brain-training wearable that helps improve your focus and calm your mind. Using EEG technology to analyze electrical activity in your brain, it shows your FocusCalm score in real time; a low score means your brain is under heavy workload, while a high score means you’re calm and focused.

Throughout the app, you’ll find my breathing and visualization programs, including “Breathing is a Super Power” and “Stress-Less Breathing,” as well as a variety of other neurofeedback games, activities and sports psychologist-created meditations to help you learn how to calm your mind and challenge your skills to perform better under pressure.


Learn to breathe better

Practice mindfulness

Improve your focus skills

Track your progress

Phil Andrews

CEO, USA Weightlifting

Our athlete’s mental training and ability to be mindful is critical to their overall well being and performance on the platform. We strive to provide the best resources to our membership in this area, and are grateful to partner with FocusCalm to enhance the mental fortitude of our athletes.