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An online course that teaches you how to leverage breathing biomechanics to move better, feel better and perform better in sport and life.

Whether you’re a coach, trainer or athlete—or anyone who simply wants to leverage better breathing to move, feel and perform better—this course is for you. Presented in a webinar-style format, Breathe Better 101 includes more than 2.5 hours of content with downloadable resources, including a printable slide workbook for note-taking and a programming pdf with links to videos of positional breathing exercises and instructions for their application.

Breathe Better 101 simplifies the complexities to arm you with a true understanding of breathing biomechanics basics—enabling you to utilize effective exercises in both personal and professional settings with confidence and proficiency. Breathing optimally is a superpower capable of producing profound changes…but it’s not rocket science. That’s why Dana created this program to empower you with the education and tools you’ll need to start changing lives. LEARN MORE HERE →

Most things work better after being unplugged for a bit…including YOU!

Isn’t it time for a REBOOT?

As a mind-body coach in pro sports, known as “Mobility Maker,” Dana Santas trains pro athletes to be optimally mobile in their bodies, but also helps them optimize their mental states to perform at their highest levels. She designed this program to share those same mindset techniques with anyone looking to leverage the power of a clear head–not just athletes.

In fact, this program is not sport-specific at all–it’s about being a better human, which helps everyone perform better, regardless of career. And it works for beginners to seasoned meditators, alike, because it not only reinforces the fundamentals, but also gives each person the opportunity to customize their focus on individual goals and personal growth (i.e., if you’re an athlete, that’s where you can focus on skill development, if desired). LEARN MORE HERE →

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An online Yoga-Inspired Training (YIT) Method for Athletes Coaching Certification program developed by mind-body strength coach Dana Santas AKA “Mobility Maker,” a trailblazer in bringing yoga to pro sports nearly two decades ago, who has worked with more than 45 teams and thousands of pro athletes in MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS, PGA, WTA & WWE.