Lifestyle Favorites

Here, you’ll find links to the products I use to facilitate a fun, healthy, happy lifestyle. Because so many of you have asked, I’ve also included links to the equipment I use for my online filming. As I post on social media and in my blogs about different life hacks and new product discoveries, I’ll continue to update this section.

Milk Steamer/Frother

After I did a #MorningPerson Instagram story, showing my coffee brewing and coconut milk steaming, I got nearly a dozen DMs inquiring about my milk steamer. So for those of you who are as serious about your coffee ritual as I am, here’s the info: I bought my steamer 3 years ago for $49. I love it and use it every morning. But mine is no longer available, so, this is a link to a very similar one for only $29, if you want to give it a try.

Squatty Potty 7”

Everybody poops. And every human body is designed for low squatting elimination—not high sitting (and straining), like the position conventional toilets require. Not only do I believe Squatty Potty fosters better personal “plumbing,” I also think it can help with back pain and posture. It’s a genius product I can’t recommend enough! We have one in all of our bathrooms, and, even one of the pro teams, where I work, has them in all their locker room stalls.

Instant Pot

Two years ago, I decided to give Instant Pot a try when it was on sale on Amazon Prime Day. Since then, I have used it at least a few times every month, making the easiest, fastest, most delicious pulled pork, shredded chicken, one-pot meals and so much more. Crock pots take all day and aren’t as versatile. You can use one pan to sauté and pressure cook all of your ingredients in a fraction of the time. LOVE, love, love my Instant Pot!

Bamboo Lap/Standing Desk

What can I say? I love to spend a little extra time in bed with coffee, my computer and some extra canine cuddles. I tried other adjustable lap desks and they were either too cheap, ugly or too difficult to fold. This folds up nicely and fits between my bed and the nightstand. I also often use it on my desk as a stand-up desk option.

Canon EOS 80D with 18-135 Lens and Rode Mic Video Creator Kit

This was a big spend, but, after researching all my options, I found this camera to be the most versatile and popular among YouTubers and influencers. Also, my friend who owns a video production business has owned an older model for 9 years and still finds it useful, so this camera has longevity, making it worth the investment.

Cowboy Studio Umbrella Triple Lighting Kit

As someone who only knows the basics of three-point light set up and doesn’t want to spend a lot of time adjusting light for each shoot, these umbrella lights work great and were inexpensive for the quality and versatility they offer on adjustable tripods.