EP004 – Navy SEAL Jeff Nichols and the Importance of Discipline

Navy SEAL and world class strength and condition coach Jeff Nichols sits down to talk about discipline – not just in diet and exercise – but practicing discipline in our everyday lives so that we can become the best versions of ourselves.

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During this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Jeff’s background [1:00]
  • Paul Fournier, Head strength coach of the Philadelphia Phillies [4:50]
  • Social media perceptions: Who is the real Jeff Nichols? [6:00]
    • Social media: a necessary evil [7:00]
    • Authenticity in social media [8:39]
    • Social media as a profession not personal life [10:10]
  • Jeff’s personal training and conditioning routines [11:26]
    • Finding time for yourself [12:50]
    • Finding the motivation [13:16]
    • Balancing responsibilities [15:19]
  • Jeff: Don’t take things for granted [16:53]
  • On the importance of personal discipline [19:43]
    • Using past experiences to organize and prioritize life [21:28]
  • Consistency is key for anything in life [22:46]
  • Jeff Nichols on defining strength [26:02]
    • Strength goes hand in hand with training [26:56]
    • Physical readiness [28:00]
  • Degradation of physical strength in our society [30:59]
  • Setbacks of our healthcare system [34:30]
  • Jeff’s examples of real strength [35:03]
  • Emotional aptitude and physical strength [39:50]
  • Where to follow Jeff [47:00]

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