As a speaker/presenter, coach, consultant and mentor, Dana provides services in a variety of formats from keynotes and lectures to one-on-one coaching, consulting, in-service training and mentoring.


  • Speak/Present at Your Event
    or Facility

Dana has experience speaking at venues big and small. Whether you want her to speak to thousands of attendees at an event or a small group at your facility, she can create a presentation that meets your needs.

  • Keynote/Motivational Talk
  • Lecture/Presentation
  • Interactive Lecture or Hands-on Workshop
  • Work with Your Team
    or Facility

Dana works with teams and organizations in many different ways—depending on needs, timeframe and format. See below for a structure that best fits your requirements.

  • In-Service Training
  • Ongoing Consulting
  • Program Integration
  • One-on-One Training/Consulting

Dana’s schedule is extremely limited for one-on-one training but, as she has time, she tries to fit in sessions to help dedicated individuals reach their highest potential as an athlete, coach, or anyone trying to optimize their life.

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Mentoring

Speak/Present at Your Event or Facility

  • Keynote/Motivational Talk

The foundation of Dana’s motivational talks comes from her diverse experience: overcoming childhood abuse, poverty and being a teenaged mother to achieving high-level success as a corporate marketing executive—only to give it all up to rebuild her life passionately and purposefully, creating her niche as a mind-body coach in professional sports and becoming an internationally known health and wellness expert. With her dynamic, no-holds-barred, soul-bearing style, she inspires others to realize their own passions and purpose in their work, let go of excuses and take the steps necessary to live healthier, happier lifestyles.

  • Lecture/Presentation

Dana’s lectures are designed to educate and inspire attendees. By sharing science, research and experience, she empowers people with a true understanding of the topics she covers. Through engaging anecdotes and simple-to-understand explanations, she offers content that resonates with audience members of all backgrounds and experience. Her goal is to ensure that everyone leaves her presentations with actionable knowledge they can put into practice in the context of their own careers and lives—and the motivation to do so.

  • Interactive Lecture or Hands-on Workshop

When lecturing on the practical application of her training techniques, Dana often makes her presentations interactive to keep the audience engaged and enhance their ability to assimilate the material. During hands-on workshops, Dana’s goal is not only to energize and motivate participants but to ensure that everyone walks away “owning” the info they learned—immediately able to put it into practice. She accomplishes this through a format that provides the opportunity to personally experience, coach and question each exercise.

Speaking Venues

Dana presents at venues worldwide, including:

  • Perform Better Summits
  • World Golf Fitness Summit
  • Sorinex Summer Strong
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association Events
  • PLAE Summits
  • Hammer Strength Clinics
  • Athlean-X Summit
  • MLB Baseball Winter Meetings
  • Fortune 500 Companies
Speaking Venues

Current and Past Presentation Topics

  • Breathe Better to Move Better & Feel Better in Sports Performance and Life
  • Overcoming Hardship: Life is Not a Lottery
  • Recover Smarter for Better Performance
  • Practical Solutions for Back Pain (combo lecture/workshop):
    Move Better, Feel Better & Relieve Pain Permanently
  • Moving Through Back Pain Workshop
  • Gratitude: The Key to Living and Working with Passion and Purpose
  • The Too-Often Overlooked Key to Enhanced Performance & Recovery: Breathing
  • Unlock and Own Hip Mobility to Enhance Performance and Prevent Pain
  • The Game-Changing Truth About Self Control
  • Breathe Biomechanics: The Super Power to Manage Stress, Relieve Pain & Enhance Your Life
  • Better Cuing for Better Movement:
    Using Verbal & Kinesthetic Cues to Optimize Mobility
  • Integrating Breathing, Mobility & Mindfulness into Strength & Conditioning Programs:
    Why & How

Work with Your Team or Facility

  • In-Service Training

Looking for a customized training for your team, organization or facility staff? Dana can create a course specific to your needs/context of your work in any of the topics relative to her expertise: breathing biomechanics, mobility (warm up, cool down and program integration), best practices for yoga, pilates and other movement therapies in sport, mindfulness/meditation, recovery strategies, stress relief, addressing areas of the body (hips, shoulder girdle) or particular issues, like back pain, etc.

  • Ongoing Consulting

Dana has long-term relationships with many teams and organizations, providing ongoing input and value, as needed. These contracts are structured on a retainer basis as well as periodically throughout the year for specific programs (i.e., spring training, camps and fall instructional league for MLB teams).

  • Program Integration

With a growing emphasis on the importance of breathing, mobility, mindfulness and recovery as part of a well-rounded strength and conditioning program, Dana is often asked to work with coaches, trainers and athletes on effective integration of these techniques into individual and team programs. Dana can help you determine what, where and how to put these elements into practice, including, as needed, the creation of deliverables such as exercise instruction videos, handouts, etc.

One-on-One Training/Consulting

  • Coaching

From pro to semi-pro, college and high school athletes, (based on availability) Dana can create and coach you through a program to meet your needs, including: Mobility, Corrective Exercise, Pain Relief, Mindfulness/Meditation Techniques, Recovery, Stress Mitigation, etc.  For athletes, programming can be formatted for off-season, in-season, pre-season and integrated into overall strength & conditioning programs.

  • Consulting/Mentoring:

If you’re in need of help with a particular technique, aspect of program integration, looking for specific career advice, or have some other singularly focused question/issue, one or two online consulting sessions may best meet your needs. However, if you’re an up-and-coming coach, trainer, instructor, therapist, etc., looking for overall career guidance in areas like education, training application, content creation, branding/marketing, etc., check out Dana’s YIT Method Coaching Certification and related courses as well as her Mentorship Program and Community Resource options.

Important Note: Dana’s availability for one-on-one training in person and online is limited and based on a first-come-first-served model (advance scheduling and payment are required with no refunds given on sessions canceled with less than seven day’s notice).