EP008 – The Wisdom of Chris Williams

The key to strength is through consistency. Actor Chris Williams joins The Real Strong People and shares the wisdom he’s learned throughout his career, in his travels, and training for marathons. Discover how to slow down in the age of social media, love your life, and the importance of trying new experiences.


During this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Chris Williams background [1:36]
  • Social media personas [3:56]
    • Being true to yourself [4:43]
    • The value of social media [6:50]
  • Meeting Dana [8:47]
  • Social media and autonomy [13:10]
  • Chris’s Script [16:26]
  • Too much information in the age of social media [19:06]
    • Lack of accountability [19:30]
  • The next 20 years of technology [21:36]
  • Defining strength [24:48]
    • Strength to move forward [25:13]
    • Learning strength from parents [26:37]
  • Learning strength through Taekwando [28:22]
  • Perseverance [29:00]
  • Learning from travel [31:09]
  • #LiveLoveYourLife [33:08]
  • Experiencing life without our phones [34:00]
  • Different value systems [36:00]
  • TikTok and today’s hustle culture [38:00]
  • Work and Consistency [41:10]
    • Training for marathons [42:11]
  • A new perspective on results [45:00]
  • Thoughts on mental health [48:21]
    • Being successful does not mean you aren’t struggling [50:14]

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