EP006 – Discovering our Authentic Selves with Jade Struck

We’re joined by firearms instructor, competitive shooter, model, and athlete Jade Struck as she takes on our heartfelt journey about uncovering our true selves. In this episode, discover how Jade defines true strength as an evolving process, the importance of learning from our past, and why true happiness is often a balancing act.


During this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Jade Struck background [:30]
  • Winter Strong and Summer Strong [4:19]
    • Meeting Dana [5:30]
  • Social media vs. the real you [7:15]
    • “It can be hard to be human when you are doing things from a screen” [9:41]
    • Balancing authenticity [10:38]
  • Starting Milk and Honey Podcast [11:59]
  • Being a female in a male dominated industry [15:56]
  • “Peace of mind is far more important than a number or an app” [18:00]
  • Finding the fun in social media [20:00]
    • “Edutainment” [21:19]
  • Defining strength [23:19]
    • Overcoming obstacles [24:26]
    • Understanding our vulnerability [28:23]
    • Self-acceptance [28:55]
  • Unpacking ourselves [31:34]
  • Firearm malfunction [36:00]
  • Learning from out past [37:07]
  • The evolution of self [39:00]
    • Rescue dogs and our own lives [39:42]
  • Learning the tools you need to get where you need to go [41:54]
    • Surrounding ourselves with the right people [44:00]
  • Knowing our boundaries [47:00]
  • Finding fulfillment [50:04]
  • True happiness is a balancing act [52:51]
  • Knowing how we work [55:00]
  • “Feelings are fleeting” [57:30]
  • Memory and FocusCalm [59:19]
  • Where to follow Jade [1:00:00]

Resources and where to follow:

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