EP005 – Leaving Your Comfort Zone with Matt Vincent

Matt Vincent, traveling strength athlete and founder of HVIII brands, joins the Real Strong People Podcast to share his life’s philosophy. Learn how Matt helps others embrace their best life, why he believe true strength is about being able to reinvent yourself, and his travels to some of the world’s most interesting places.


During this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Matt Vincent Background [1:01]
  • Social media perception vs. the real Matt Vincent [3:13]
    • Matt and travel [4:25]
    • A genuine audience [5:59]
  • Avoid getting pigeonholed [6:19]
  • Highland Games [6:36]
  • Focus on your obsessions [8:25]
    • “Unreasonable pursuits” [11:48]
  • Matt’s injury and defining strength [13:37]
    • “It’s about showing up” [15:14]
    • “Strength is being able to reinvent yourself” [16:27]
  • Matt’s travels [20:19]
    • Meeting Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the “Mountain [22:34]
    • Rafting in Africa [27:00]
  • Coping with time [30:00]
  • The HVIII Brand [35:57]
    • The elimination of excuses [37:24]
  • Challenging yourself and blending [40:19]
    • Leaving your comfort zone [44:14]
  • 1612 Mentorship [46:05]
    • Helping others live a life that matters [46:30]

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Quote and photo of Matt Vincent.
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