EP002 – Don Saladino Discusses Mental Resiliency

Join Dana Santas in a stirring conversation with fitness expert and celebrity coach Don Saladino as the two take a deep conversation about mental resiliency, the importance of having a support system, and much more. Learn about Don’s experience coaching actors, athletes, musicians, and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

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During this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Don Saladino background [:57]
  • Don and Thorne [2:40]
  • Social media vs. real-life persona [3:57]
    • Don’s journey to celebrity coaching [4:30]
    • Doing the right thing for others [5:35]
  • Influences and first impressions [6:33]
    • Greg Rose [8:38]
  • TPI certification [10:01]
    • Golf Pro Phil Mickelson [10:24]
  • Social media misconceptions [10:50]
    • Discovering the “real” Don [11:11]
    • Don’s digital strategy [12:25]
    • Committing to quality [13:12]
  • Don’s definition of strength [14:13]
    • Mental strength [14:40]
    • “How do you rebound when getting kicked down?” [15:24]
    • Finding peace of mind [16:22]
  • Exploring mental and emotional durability [17:13]
    • Treating everyone the same [18:31]
    • Too many good people in the world, don’t waste your time on someone who is not [19:58]
  • Don: Surround yourself with people that can help excel you [21:26]
  • Testing our mental resiliency [24:12]
    • Don: Ups and downs [25:01]
    • The pressure of possibly not making rent [25:26]
    • Overcoming challenges and learning the lessons from them [25:56]
  • Dealing with our situations [30:18]
    • Circumstances don’t define the person, they reveal them [23:15]
  • Don: Don’t assume you know what a person is going through in life [32:35]
  • Coping with chronic stress [34:00]
    • Family support [34:37]
    • Putting stress in perspective [36:39]
  • Success takes struggle [38:24]
  • Having gratitude [41:15]
  • Learning to be a little more present in our lives [43:10]
  • Where to follow Don on social [45:16]

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