EP001 – Brandon Lilly’s Plus One Mentality

Welcome to the Real Strong People Podcast. In the very first episode, pro sports breathing, mobility, and mind-body coach Dana Santas sits down with former powerlifter and current coach Brandon Lilly for a heartfelt conversation exploring where true strength comes from.

Brandon shares his experience as a top-ranking powerlifter, his injury, and how he redefined his personal meaning of strength and found new meaning in his role as a coach and mentor to athletes, military operators, and everyone else he meets in his journey.

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During this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Brandon Lilly background [1:00]
    • On navigating life’s rollercoaster [3:00]
  • Importance of friends for support [5:00]
  • Social media and authenticity [7:20]
    • Brandon’s injury [7:54]
    • Brandon’s evolution of self [8:50]
  • Consuming the right kinds of things [11:00]
  • Focusing on fundamentals [12:26]
  • Business of healing and hope [13:28]
  • Social media and our views [14:46]
    • “Not everyone needs to know my opinion” [16:00]
    • Helping others get perspective [17:30]
  • Keeping a support circle [19:04]
  • The “Plus One” mentality [20:39]
    • Better moments [22:13]
    • Good things happen in clusters [24:08]
    • Learning something new every day [24:47]
    • Think bigger than just the first ripple of our actions [27:55]
  • Journaling: our constant reminder [31:12]
    • Understanding our choices [34:09]
    • Tracking our improvement [35:05]
  • Brandon: defining real strength [38:17]
    • “What is a good man?” [39:36]
    • Common decency [40:47]
    • Learning a new definition of strength [42:00]
    • Overcoming adversity [42:10]
  • Secure the things that give you stability in life [46:37]
  • Being strong enough to make better choices [47:11]
  • What is a perfect day, what are you working toward? [49:25]
    • Identifying happiness [50:14]
  • Brandon: Admit what you are [55:00]
    • The only true competition is that with ourselves [57:52]

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