EP003 – Adopting a Growth Mindset with FocusCalm’s Max Newlon

In this episode of the Real Strong People Podcast, host Dana Santas sits down with Max Newlon, President of FocusCalm, a company that offers a revolutionary neurofeedback wearable to help manage stress. In their conversation, the two explore adopting a growth mindset and what it means to flex your autonomy.

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During this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Max Newland background [1:00]
    • FocusCalm [1:56]
  • Understanding the real Max [2:55]
    • Being a public speaker and an introvert [4:00]
  • Public perceptions vs. our true selves [4:47]
    • Introverts vs. extroverts [5:00]
  • Overcoming stage nerves [5:36]
  • Recharging our social battery [6:00]
  • Max on defining strength: Ownership during adversity [8:25]
    • Overcoming adversity when starting out career [10:38]
    • Forging your own path [11:41]
  • Owning your choices [12:30]
  • “Flexing your autonomy” [13:49]
  • Understanding healthy pressure [16:00]
    • The importance of prioritization [17:08]
  • Max: We’re always going to be challenged [20:30]
    • “If you have enough resources, take the next step” [21:09]
  • Dealing with failure [22:00]
    • Staying committed to our goals [25:26]
  • Carol Dweck and growth mindset [27:23]
    • Changing fixed mindset to growth [27:55]
    • Max: You are separate from the outcome [28:19]
  • Answering, “What do I want?” [30:00]
    • The concept of “feeling” what you want [31:29]
  • Expressing gratitude [33:40]
    • Viktor Frankel and adopting different perspectives [35:43]
    • Being grateful for the lessons and opportunities we’ve had [37:26]
  • Max: It’s all about growth [38:21]
  • Where to follow Max and learn more [39:00]

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